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Keynote Speakers

Our 2019 event was a success thanks to the help from each of our keynote speakers.

Speaker Illutration

Subash D’SouzaDirector, Cloud Data Engineering at CSU - Chancellor's Office, Founder at Data Con LA & Data 4 Good
Ron GalperinController at City of LA
Abbass Sharif, PhD.Academic Director, Master of Science in Business Analytics Program at the University of Southern California
Anita SenguptaChief Product Officer / Co-Founder at at Airspace Experience Technologies
Jeffrey CarpenterDeveloper Advocate at Datastax
Mukund KaushikHead of Digital at SoCal Edison
Sid MohassebAdjunct Professor at USC
Elliot BrookManaging Director, Applied Intelligence at Accenture
Keila BanksInternational Speaker, Programmer, Entrepreneur
Ani OkkasianAssociate Director at OMD USA/ Professor at Woodbury University
Elizabeth Owen, PhDDirector of Learning and Data Science at Age of Learning


2019 Presentation Slides



The panel will start by talking about how the city and county are evolving toward being a data driven organization, what that means, and the challenges such a transformation means. The panel will look at what it means for success when it requires government to move from treating data like a tactical resource to being a strategic resource. For this to happen, data has to transcend organizational boundaries within the government. And, as we make progress on this front, we have to also start working to ways where data transcends government boundaries so that neighboring cities and county/city are sharing operational data. This is a far cry from where we are at today but we look at this as a journey, something to progress toward over time. Over the course of that journey, policies, politics, and needs will change so we a key need is not just to solve specific problems, but to lay a foundation for evolution.

Big Data

Overview: Join us and data science thought-leaders for a screening of excerpts from the documentary “Big Data: Unlocking Success.” Learn about ___. This film profiles trailblazing experts from MGM Resorts International, Toyota Financial Services and other innovative companies. We’ll discuss the power, pitfalls, and potential in harnessing and interpreting data. Our panelists will reveal how today’s wealth of data drives strategic decisions across industries and share their visions for the future.

Why It Matters: According to a Forbes article, “Whether gathering data on the front end or making big decisions in the C-Suite, every single person in your organization must buy into the value `{`data`}` analytics brings”.

What You’ll Take Away: Learn how you can leverage data in your role—no matter the industry. The demand for data science talent will only increase in our economy as data affects all aspects of our lives. Discuss and network with our guest experts to learn about exciting career and business opportunities.

Women Leading Data

From AI and machine learning to data discovery and real-time analytics, women are leading the advancement of data technologies. In this session, Stacey Broadwell, Brand Ambassador, Linkedin Local – Los Angeles, will interview five women leading data at prominent brands. This is a must-see session for anyone interested in catapulting there careers to the next level. We will discuss career paths, overcoming obstacles, blind spots and leading as a woman. But must importantly, we will discuss how we can raise the boats of every woman through kindness, words and action. Join us! Men welcomed and encouraged to attend.


Panel Spotlight

Watch the panel ‘Women in Data’ and learn from leaders and experts in the tech and data fields.

Session Track List

Check out our full list of session tracks here

2019 Speakers

Abbass Sharif, PhD.
Amarita Natt
Ani Okkasian
Anita Sengupta
Annie Flippo
Ash Pahwa
Boaz Brudner
Chaitanya Rudrabhatla
Christian Siagian
Dan Kernaghan
David Anderson
Don Malloy
Elizabeth Owen, PhD
Elliot Brook
Eysha Shirrine Powers
Fiona Li
Jacklyn Agor
Jatinder Assi
Jayaraman Palaniappan
Jayesh Patel
Jeff Cooper
Jeffrey Carpenter
Jeffrey Carpenter
Jesse Mauck
Jesse Steinweg-Woods
Jim Benedetto
Joe Devon
Joey Beitdashtoo
John Peach
Jose-Luis Ambite
Juan Vasquez
Kaylin Linke
Keila Banks
Ken Chang
Lorenzo Rossi
Maria Khalusova
Mark Quinsland
Mingmin Chen
Mukund Kaushik
Mukund Kaushik
Obaid Sarvana
Piyush Kumar
Preet Singh
Rashmina Menon
Robert Hodges
Ron Galperin
Shweta Shetty
Sid Mohasseb
Sonia Macias
Stan Dyro
Subash D’Souza
Tim Kreytak
Todd Stoffel
Vivian Sultan

2019 Organizers

Annie Flippo
Arti Annaswamy
Charla Myers
Germain Louie
Jason Brancazio
Jimmy Kim
John Kim
Kaloyan Todorov
Marc Waddell
Rich Ung
Ruben Barrios
Sanjeev Sehgal
Subash D’Souza

2019 Volunteers

Aaron Artea
Adriana Chavez
Alexandra Stone
Aman Mathur
Anastasia Ivleva
Andy Nakamura
Angela Chung
Anna Damir
Arnold Borres
Bob Newstadt
Bradley Fojas
Calvin Huang
Cassidy Liu
Courtney Fowler
Crystal Sandoval
Damita Chavis
Darla Higgins
David Harnick-Shapiro
Dimas Soeprapto
Edmond Choi
Eli Selkin
Emily Coit
Eric Mena
Farrah Au-Yeung
Glen Porter
Hafeez Poladzade
Hamed Gorjiara
Hana Ueda
Hasan Diwan
Humberto Zuniga
Jack Jeng
Jagruthi Prabhudev
Jeffrey Guerra
John Park
Josue Louis
Justin Doh
Justin Javier
Kanad Basu
Ken Chang
Kimberly Ming
Kingsley Nwankwu
Korok Chatterjee
Kunal Lalwani
Manimaran Ramasamy
Maria Zhang
Mario Brenes
Maryna Pavlenko
Mercedes Vega
Michael Ma
Michelle Emelle
Miguel Niblock
Mitzi Bandera
Murali Kadambala
Nancy Melucci
Nathan Danielsen
Nicole Jeong
Niloufar Pour
Olga Pyatokha
Oren Ben-Joseph
Priya Chauhan
Reza Rahman
Robin Olaya
Rosana Lin Ho
Ryan Hsu
Samantha Chappell
Samara Miramontes
Shailesh Shukla
Sheila Torrico
Sitotpal Sarkar
Sudha Raamakrishnan
Susan Thompson
Sylvia Tran
Tianxing Wang
Tina Wang
Tony Chia
Vanya Koonce
Yvonne Coit

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