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2020 Highlights

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Keynote Speakers

Our 2020 virtual event was a success thanks to the help from each of our keynote speakers.

Speaker Illutration

Subash D’SouzaDirector, Cloud Data Engineering at CSU - Chancellor's Office, Founder at Data Con LA & Data 4 Good
Ron GalperinController at City of LA
Karthik RamasamyHead of Streaming at Databricks
Safiya NobleCo-Director, UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry
Rebecca YeCo-Founder/COO at Xcalar
Bryan KirschnerVP of Strategy at DataStax
Larry DominiquePresident & CEO at PSA North America
Brian KursarCTO at Toyota Motor North America
William S. KehoeChief Information Officer at County of Los Angeles
Michael BermanCIO at California State University, Office of the Chancellor
Lacey PlacheVice President, Data & Analytics at Age of Learning, Inc.
Brian DolanCEO at Verdant AI
Savina HawkinsSenior UX Researcher at Eventbrite
Eva PereiraChief Data Officer at City of Los Angeles
Karen BorchgrevinkExecutive Director at LA Tech4Good
Todd TerrazasExecutive Director at Data 4 Good

Presentation Slides


Data 4 Good

Data 4 Good is an organization that was launched in 2019 with the promise of using data to help deal with social issues. Since it launched, it has attracted a public – private consortium of industry leaders as part of the advisory board. It has also launched four pods – Data Portal, Data Literacy, Clean Air and Project Proof(targeting racial inequality). This panel invites the leaders of all four pods to give their perspectives on what it takes to design and execute on diverse projects using data to tackle social relevant issues, while collectively building a nonprofit as the scaffolding for their work.

Accessibility Challenges of 2020

While 2020 has been a challenge to billions of people around the world, the pandemic and shift to the virtual world has hit People with Disabilities in a unique way. Where technology is accessible, it might potentially be a net positive. But for people who have spent years finding accommodation in the physical world to shift to what is often an inaccessible world, there are particular challenges.

Think in Color

The panel discussed multi-generational solutions on how data influences society for people of color. We will examine strategies on how for profit and nonprofits are addressing these challenges.

Women in Data Science

This panel will discuss about the latest data science-related research in a number of domains, to learn how leading-edge companies are leveraging data science for success, and to connect with potential mentors, collaborators, and others in the field.

Tips For Writing An Effective Ai And Deep Learning Book

This panel will focus on exciting conversations around various book-authoring topics.

Data and Government

This panel will discuss how they are using open data to promote government transparency and accountability to solve important issues facing the public.

Diversity In Data Organizations: Building A Representative Workforce And Why It Matters

Diversity In Data Organizations: Building A Representative Workforce And Why It Matters

Money & Opportunities For Data Analysis Startups Post Covid

Many start-up faced a hard time in raising capital, many found new opportunities and pivoted. The opportunities ahead for anything data form analysis to tools and models and from AI to IoT are vast. Startups will looking at some interesting time ahead. The panel will focus on the post Covid dynamics of money, planning, execution and exit.


Akbar Rangara
Alex Alwan
Alex Pudlin
Alex Tamoykin
Alice Chandrasekharan
Anand Ranganathan
Andre de Waal
Andres Ocon
Andrew Jamieson
Andrew Kaszpurenko
Anita Sengupta
Antje Barth
Ayon Roy
Babu Repaka
Bob Wall
Brian Dolan
Brian Kursar
Bryan Kirschner
Caito Scherr
Cédrick Lunven
Christian Bourdeau
Cindy Lin
Daphne Cheung
David Kjerrumgaard
David Stokes
Dennes Torres
Don Malloy
Dr. Jenny Rankin
Dustin Vannoy
Eddie Park
Einat Orr
Emily Conant
Eva Pereira
Hana Oh
Harrison Tang
Helen Poldsam
Hunter Carlisle
Isabella Zaczek
Jai Bansal
Jared Sheehan
Jason Medina
Jeanne Holm
Jeff Bertman
Jeff Moore
Jennifer Aplin
Jerry Power
Jessica Medrano
Jing Pan
Joe Karlsson
Joe Ross
Karen Borchgrevink
Karim Varela
Karisa Schroeder
Karthik Ramasamy
Karun Bakshi
Kathy Winger
Kayla de la Haye
Ker-Yu Ong
Kirkley Doyle
Kisa Brostrom
Kunny Berdow
Lacey Plache
Larry Dominique
Lawrence Spracklen
Lisa Rapp
Lishuang Shen
Luis Valdeavellano
Mandy Chessell
Manijeh Mahmoodzadeh
Maria Fung
Mark Jackson
Mark McQuade
Matt Sarrel
Matthew Wells
Michael Berman
Morvareed Salehpour
Nawar Khabbaz
Nick Speece
Nikita Ogievetsky
Nuri Halperin
Paige Roberts
Parham Parvizi
Peter Zaitsev
Preston Mills
Rachel Whaley
Rafi Wadan
Raleigh Tomlinson
Ray Cheung
Rebecca Ye
Rishov Chatterjee
Robert Hodges
Ron Galperin
Ronni Kimm
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Kurtzman
Ryan Lee
Safiya Noble
Savina Hawkins
Sep Dehpour
Sheri Byrne-Haber
Simon Crosby
Sonal Goyal
Sonia Macias
Sonya Balzer
Spencer Ward
Sreyoshi Bhaduri
Steve Rimar
Subash D’Souza
Sugath Warnakulasuriya
Sujee Maniyam
Suresh Paulraj
Szilard Pafka
Tannia Ventura
Tobe Matthias
Todd Terrazas
Vincent Seah
Vivian Sultan
Wendy Howard
William S. Kehoe
Xavier Kochhar
Yasha Mouradi


Arti Annaswamy
Darshana Daga
Dimas Soeprapto
Germain Louie
John Kim
Kaloyan Todorov
Marc Waddell
Rich Ung
Ruben Barrios
Sanjeev Sehgal
Subash D’Souza


Aaron Artea
Anaies Abnoos
Andy Nakamura
Annie Flippo
Ayman Sulaiman
Azadeh Tehranian, Ph.D.
Bob Newstadt
Byron Martinez
Calvin Thanh
Cassidy Liu
Charla Myers
Courtney Fowler
Don Malloy
Edmond Choi
Eli Selkin
Emily Schoof
Eric Mena
Hestia Sartika
Jenn Chow
Jitesh Maddhali
Kim LeBouton
Laurence Giglio
Lu Cheng
Michelle Iafigliola
Mihir Jain
Mrinmoy Das
Murali Kadambala
Nancy Melucci
Naveena Parasa
Neil Yonzon
Nilesh Tiloda
Noel Graham
Oszie Tarula
Priya Chauhan
Rajeev Mehrotra
Randall Chalawsky
Reza Rahman
Ritesh Dedhia
Robbie Smith
Robert Abramowitz
Sachin Nahar
Shannon Callan
Stephen Kwok
Takao Yamamoto
Tala Ghazaleh
Thomas Kung

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