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1 Terence Davis AI/ ML/ Data Science Los Angeles County Chief Enterprise Architect 09/17/2021 09:30 Building a data infrastructure for large municipal government Detailed discussion of the Los Angeles County InfoHub project that enables deep analytics in support of Board of Supervisors, state, federal and academic requests and mandates. The talk will cover the current state, limitations and future plans for the p
3 Thomas Chen AI/ ML/ Data Science Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Researcher 09/17/2021 12:40 21st Century Machine Learning-based Data Analytics Driven by Social Media Social media data analytics represent unprecedented opportunities for social and humanitarian good. From natural language processing (NLP) to computer vision, various techniques grounded in artificial intelligence enable a wide range of applications, from
4 Jyotika Singh AI/ ML/ Data Science ICX Media, Inc. Director of Data Science 09/17/2021 13:25 Building Features and Machine Learning Models for Audio Signals What is audio data? How to build features and classification models on audio? How to solve audio data problems in Python? This talk will answer these questions and highlight the challenges in classifying audio, the features that work well and their extrac
5 Sonia Macias BI/ Reporting/ Business Use Cases Sensei Ag Sr. Scrum Master 09/17/2021 09:30 Agile Scrum Overview Agile Scrum Overview will provide you with insight into the agile scrum framework, scrum roles, scrum events, and scrum artifacts. The scrum insight is supplemented with real world experience and the tools to run scrum and gain competitive advantage.
6 Brandon Wong BI/ Reporting/ Business Use Cases Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Software Engineer 09/17/2021 10:15 Demystifying the art of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics In this presentation I will be laying out from concept to execution the practical use cases for reporting services and analytics tools in business and the many ways developers and data scientists alike can consume, calculate, and create easy to see visual
7 Wendy Howard BI/ Reporting/ Business Use Cases eG Innovations Technical Consultant 09/17/2021 12:40 Measuring the Moving Parts of User Experience in Java/.NET applications This talk will address the problem of slow Java/.NET applications and show the data that can be used to improve application performance.
8 Raleigh Tomlinson BI/ Reporting/ Business Use Cases Headspace Product Designer 09/17/2021 13:25 Personalized By Design: How to unlock long term customer value with data Users today now expect personalization in the products they use. Understanding user expectations is a big part of designing strong experiences. By using data to personalize in-app content and interactions, you can create immense user value by providing th
9 Preet Singh Data 4 Good Enginelitix CEO 09/17/2021 09:30 Crime in the Pandemic: A look at changes in Los Angeles crime during Covid-19. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the minutiae of our lives to an extent no other event has in recent memory. How did this affected crime? Did stay-at-home orders affect burglaries? Did we have less vehicles stolen when people stopped driving? In this tal
10 Cindy Lin Data 4 Good HopSkipDrive Data Product Manager 09/17/2021 10:15 Data Equity and Ethics: From Idea to Practice How is it possible for data professionals to empower those that use their data analysis and insights to use that data for good? Learn how Data Product Manager, Cindy Lin, implemented theories around ensuring ethical and equitable data usage into practice
11 Or Lenchner Data 4 Good Bright Data CEO 09/17/2021 12:40 The Unsung Hero Public Web Data - Real-Life Examples: Web-Based Data has Become a Pivotal Tool in Fighting the Good Cause Data, particularly public web-based data, drives forward an openly competitive market. What if I told you that web data also plays a major role in fighting crime, combating social injustice and even saving lives? In this presentation, Lenchner will highli
12 Monark Vyas Data 4 Good Accenture Managing Director, Applied Intelligence - Products West 09/17/2021 13:25 Exposing human trafficking networks with AI Human trafficking is a global issue on a horrific scale, with an estimated 25 million victims across the globe each year.1 Trafficking is the recruitment and enslavement of people by fraud, force, or coercion. "Accenture's Applied Intelligence created the
13 Alpa Buddhabhatti Data Engineering Cluster Reply Azure Consultant 09/17/2021 14:20 A Case Study - Data Movement and Transformation using Azure Data Factory A Case Study - Data Movement and Transformation using Azure Data Factory
14 Wenyang Hu, Gupta Lakkimsetti, Mary Simeon Data Engineering California State University - Chancellor's Office, California State University - Chancellor's Office,California State University - Chancellor's Office DataOps Dev Engineer, DataOps Dev Engineer, DataOps Dev Engineer 09/17/2021 15:05 BI DataOps Development Process It describes Business Intelligence/DataOps (BIDO) development workflow using the DataOps framework, code refactoring in AWS Cloud. It provides overview of Egress, PyTest, EMR and Spark features.
15 Jakub Scholz Data Engineering Red Hat Senior Principle Software Engineer 09/17/2021 16:00 Build your own social media analytics with Apache Kafka Apache Kafka is more than just a messaging broker. It has an ecosystem for importing and exporting data and processing them. This talk will demonstrate how it works together using an application which loads data from social networks such as Twitter and an
16 Rob Richardson Data Engineering Cyral Developer Advocate 09/17/2021 16:45 Database DevOps with Containers This talk focuses on getting production data to non-production environments safely. We use containers to deliver the data easily without the need for DBMS install shenanigans.
17 Richard Blech Data Infrastructure & Security XSOC CORP CEO/Founder 09/17/2021 14:20 Cryptographic speed, reliability & security XSOC CORP was founded on the notion that the only real way to ensure computer systems and data are protected from external threats is through the continual and methodical use of better cybersecurity tools that include strong encryption, vastly more effici
18 Francisco Javier Arceo Data Infrastructure & Security Tech Lead - Data Science + Machine Learning 09/17/2021 15:05 Keeping pace with data infrastructure so it doesn't outrun you We'll show you how you can adopt " and adapt to " the latest data and machine learning infrastructure, with examples of data engineering infrastructure/pipelines, analytics platforms, backend software development lifecycles, and documentation that enable
19 Sky Cassidy Data Infrastructure & Security MountainTop Data CEO 09/17/2021 16:00 The balance between data privacy and user experience Discussing marketing data and where the balance is between data privacy and customer experience. The approach to this is one of data as intellectual property covered by a natural non disclosure. This includes GDPR, CANSPAM, CCPA, CASL, Social Media, Goo
20 Alex Silva Data Infrastructure & Security SecurityScoreCard Director of Engineering 09/17/2021 16:45 Moving from a Monolithic Data Platform to a Distributed Data Mesh Following the explosion of big and fast data pipelines, monolithic data platforms have become the de facto architectural design for engineering teams. However, this way of thinking about data infrastructure has several failure modes that lead to unfulfill
21 Vera Kalinichenko Emerging Tech Shift Sr. Director of Data Science 09/17/2021 14:20 Fraud Detection in Online Market Research We leverage first party behavioral data to detect fraudsters. We have developed dynamic labeling techniques and implemented a supervised learning model on top of the partially available targets to solve for the most optimal coverage of good and bad actors
22 Avinash Gundapaneni Emerging Tech Medallia Senior Data Scientist 09/17/2021 15:05 How to extract longitudinal trends of a brick-and-mortar brand's foot traffic Here we propose a Macro Model that removes the impact of an ever changing user panel on a brick-and-mortar brand's foot traffic measured over time through our network of partner apps
23 Shae Wang Emerging Tech Ripple Staff Data Scientist 09/17/2021 16:00 Evaluating Blockchains Through the Lens of Data Learn how to see through market volatility and establish intuitive benchmarks to understand and compare different blockchain applications. We will use open-sourced data to measure the performance, utility, and health of different blockchains, become well-
24 Harsh Gupta Emerging Tech protonautoml CEO 09/17/2021 16:45 Know your customer's future worth (CFV) Customer future value is the most forward looking metric when you want to plan long term strategies for customers. We will discuss how to calculate it using data science and how we would strategize and make action plan according to it. No Coding or data s
25 Danny Kim AI/ ML/ Data Science Whip Media /USC Senior Data Scientist/ Visiting Researcher 09/18/2021 14:20 Too Much Drama and Horror Already: The COVID-19 Pandemic's Effects on What We Watch on TV Driven by lockdown policies and heightened levels of stress, millions around the world turned to TV to cope during the COVID-19 pandemic. This presentation discusses how TV shows people watched mid-pandemic tended to be different than what they watched pr
26 Kristen Honey AI/ ML/ Data Science U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Chief Data Scientist and Senior Advisor 09/18/2021 15:05 Data-Driven Innovation in the Federal Government. InnovationX is a SWAT team of nerds at HHS using open data, human-centered design, and modern technology to address issues ranging from developing an artificial kidney to supporting our nation's response to COVID-19. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020
27 Alfonso Berumen AI/ ML/ Data Science Pepperdine University/ Los Angeles Data Analytics Faculty & Doctoral Candidate/Owner & Data Scientist 09/18/2021 16:00 Effective use of big data analytics and its impact on business performance within small-to-medium-sized businesses The talk will be based on a dissertation research study on the use of data analytics within small businesses. The research consisted of a survey that we distributed to businesses in the United States. The results and analysis include responses from over
28 Lawrence Spracklen AI/ ML/ Data Science Numenta Director, Machine Learning Architecture 09/18/2021 16:45 Sparse models are fast models: Improving DNN inference performance by over 10X Sparse DNNs provide a powerful technique for delivering significant performance benefits and power savings without impacting the accuracy of your models. We present an introduction to sparse models, details on how to create and run sparse models, and guid
29 Roman Stanek BI/ Reporting/ Business Use Cases GoodData Founder and CEO 09/18/2021 09:30 Cloud Native and Headless BI is Here to Usher in the Future of Data Analytics Roman is a veteran data expert working with massive organizations to help them design and deliver customer-centric data that enables better decision-making. During his talk, he'll break down how cloud native infrastructure changes a company, how to implem
30 Phil Bangayan BI/ Reporting/ Business Use Cases Teradata Principal Data Scientist 09/18/2021 10:15 Integrating and Visualizing Data to Make Better Decisions Learn how Teradata assisted executives in answering strategic questions during the pandemic by developing a dashboard that combined health, behavioral and first-party data. To help as many companies as possible, the underlying code and dashboard are given
31 Alison Bunce BI/ Reporting/ Business Use Cases Starbucks Data UX Designer 09/18/2021 12:40 What data and design can learn from each other Data structures and the user experience are often built separately to eventually come together in the same user interface. Drive more impact with your products by taking a step back and considering how these fields can learn from and enhance each other.
32 Alex Alwan BI/ Reporting/ Business Use Cases Fox Sr. PM, Product Strategy 09/18/2021 13:25 ABC Of Product Strategy How to leverage the data to build great products
33 JP Petrucione, Shawn Zargham Data 4 Good California Office of Digital Innovation, Syntasa Deputy Director, Communications and Insights, CTO & Co-Founder 09/18/2021 14:20 Scaling sentiment: Using digital surveys to geo-target vaccine distribution in California The California Office of Digital Innovation (ODI) supported the state’s COVID vaccine response by leveraging digital surveys and applying advanced statistical methods to estimate vaccine hesitancy at the zip code level. These data were a critical componen
34 Brian Blackwell Data 4 Good California Policy Lab at UCLA Senior Data Scientist 09/18/2021 15:05 Operationalizing predictive analytics for homelessness prevention in Los Angeles We will provide an overview of the LA County Homelessness Prevention Unit (HPU) pilot program, a partnership between California Policy Lab and LA County health and mental health agencies to apply machine learning to predict and prevent homelessness among
35 Max Bigot, Ajali Sen Data 4 Good Accenture, Accenture Augmented Insights Senior Manager,SAP Business Intelligence Manager 09/18/2021 16:00 Building data-driven solutions for COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Vaccine Management Using network graph analysis to understand the relationship of connections between cases and contact whether the context of the exposure was household, workplace, school, or a public place outbreak. Look at how the variant of the disease is spreading
36 Priscila Baddouh Data 4 Good Econ One Research Inc. Senior Analyst 09/18/2021 16:45 Using data to identify the needs of foster care youth and young adults transitioning from the foster care system. This study analyses data from a survey created and administrated by a non-profit organization, Think of Us. The objective of the study is to use data to better understand the needs of foster care youth, focusing on those who are between 14 to 27 years old
37 Sreekanth Miryala Data Engineering Kaiser Permanente Sr. BI Architect 09/18/2021 09:30 My Practice Portfolio (Provider) In this session, I will walk you through our journey in creating a centralized business intelligence solution for providers that captures data from every system(HR, Performance, Clinical) they interact with and provide them KPI's that they can understand
38 Anil Inamdar Data Engineering Instaclustr VP of Data Solutions 09/18/2021 10:15 Redis: Understanding the Open Source Data Store's Primary Uses and Challenges The increasingly popular open source data store Redis offers especially high performance and availability across a range of data types and use cases. This session will ensure you know to get the most out of it.
39 Daniel Farrell Data Engineering DataStax Inc Elevation Engineering 09/18/2021 12:40 Using Apache Cassandra as your Document Database Thought Apache Cassandra was a wide column, or key-value store only ? Using all open source, we detail design and use of document programming using Apache Cassandra [ that is more performant, and has complete uptime versus your current document data stor
40 John Lavoie Data Engineering Optum Distinguished Engineer 09/18/2021 13:25 Using Streaming Data Pipelines in the Cloud to Achieve Success with Data Oriented Business Problems Learn about modern cloud-based streaming data pipelines spanning multiple platforms and datacenters and how they can unlock data for your business. This talk will review architectures and toolchains that are used to create data pipelines that combine data
41 Evren Eryurek Data Infrastructure & Security Google Director of Product Management 09/18/2021 09:30 Data Governance:The Definitive Guide Overview Why Data Governance Matters -Goal of the presentation, -Help organizations ask the right questions. -Tools, techniques, and approaches, -No one-size fits all approach to data governance.
42 Peter Zaitsev Data Infrastructure & Security Percona CEO & Co-founder 09/18/2021 10:15 State of MySQL Security in 2021 In this talk we will look into the state of MySQL Security in 2021. We will cover the new security focused features available in MySQL (and MySQL Compatible variants) as well as share best practices to consider for secure MySQL deployment.
43 Eysha Shirrine Powers Data Infrastructure & Security IBM STSM, Chief Architect, IBM Z Cryptographic Portfolio 09/18/2021 12:40 Trust No One With traditional encryption, sensitive data is encrypted, stored or transmitted, then decrypted for use. The data remains protected while it is encrypted but loses that protection when it's in use. What if you could encrypt data and yet still use the data
45 Param Dhillon, Vasily Grigorovsky Emerging Tech Tatari/ Tatari Senior Manager, Data Science/ Data Scientist 09/18/2021 14:20 AI-Assisted Media Planning Tatari is developing technology to build AI-assisted media plans for linear and streaming TV. Our algorithms optimize buying based on predicted and actual business outcomes using machine learning. The AI-assisted plans enable smarter tests on TV, building
46 Milecia McGregor Emerging Tech Developer Advocate 09/18/2021 15:05 Using Reproducible Experiments To Create Better Models In this talk, you will learn how you can use the open-source tool, DVC, to increase reproducibility for two methods of tuning hyperparameters: grid search and random search.
47 Davor Bonaci, Charna Parkey Emerging Tech Kaskada/ Kaskada Co-Founder & CEO/ VP, Product 09/18/2021 16:00 Creating and operating ML models from event-based data using feature stores and feature engines Authoring features respecting the constraints of time is hard, but required, when computing from event-based data directly. We'll review the limitations of data science tools and deep dive on how we've solved the problem. Attendees will gain understanding
49 Roksolana Diachuk Data Engineering Captify Big Data Developer 09/19/2021 10:15 Alice in the world of machine learning Introduction to Kubeflow from the perspective of data engineer with dive into how Kubeflow works behind the scenes
50 Morvareed Salehpour AI/ ML/ Data Science Salehpour Legal Managing Attorney 09/19/2021 14:20 Top Tips for AI/ML Businesses to Avoid Legal Pitfalls Discussing the most common legal pitfalls AI/ML businesses experience and best practices to avoid them. Topics covered will include key issues that arise for businesses in legal areas such as intellectual property, contracts, data privacy, and liability.
51 Chijioke (CJ) Ejimuda BI/ Reporting/ Business Use Cases Hybrid Data LLC Principal 09/19/2021 14:20 Leveraging big data to maximize value from rail and power infrastructure assets. To intelligently design and optimally operate infrastructure assets, a combination of big data batch and streaming execution models are very essential before useful insights are generated. This presentation specifically focuses on how these models could b
52 Jeff Bertman BI/ Reporting/ Business Use Cases Dfuse Technologies CTO and Lead Data Scientist/Engineer 09/19/2021 15:05 Leveraging Big Data to Develop Big Business with GOAL: Growth Opportunities & Actualization Lifecycle. Learn how to consistently derive Big Business value from Big Data across diverse environments from small Startups to huge Enterprises. Start and end with GOAL: the Growth Opportunities and Actualization Landscape.
53 Boris Couteaux BI/ Reporting/ Business Use Cases ImpakFinance VP, Business and Product Development 09/19/2021 16:00 Identifying opportunities and managing risks with impact and ESG data In an increasingly complex and regulated space, asset managers and financial institutions face a large data challenge. Impak, the leading impact rating agency, helps its clients face those challenges by providing them with positive and negative, social an
54 Venus Banuelos Data 4 Good IMO CEO 09/19/2021 14:20 Data 4 Good - The importance of data sharing of low income community providers to University, ACLU and similar impact cultivator position organizations. -Improves Funding focus, -Bypassing systems created by the systemic racist social construct of our society to get real help needed to improve the trajectory of impoverished people's., -Why Data not being shared effects the lives of our poorest county men
55 Keerthi Gopalakrishnan Data 4 Good Enjoy The Air Product Strategist 09/19/2021 15:05 Enjoy The Air Up to 40% of commuters on weekdays choose their trip mode on the day of travel (UK Ministry of Transport data). ETA is leading trials in Glasgow to see what it takes to encourage people away from private cars to low carbon transit, action travel or even n
56 Anand Ranganathan Data 4 Good Unscrambl Chief AI Officer 09/19/2021 16:00 Exposing Public Data through Natural-Language & Conversational Analytics Many organizations, enterprises and governments, have been releasing public or open datasets on a variety of topics such as Covid, environment and social justice. In this talk, I'll describe our efforts in making these datasets more easily accessible to t
57 Sunita Koppar Data Engineering Verizon Media Senior Manager / Big Data Architect 09/19/2021 09:30 Unleashing the serverless data pipelines This talk will share the lessons learnt and best practices to be imbibed in order to have a scalable and robust data pipelines with serverless technologies. As the common phrase goes "there is no one size fits all", we have, through our own experience gai
59 Cahlen Humphreys Data Engineering, Inc ( Managing Princpal 09/19/2021 12:40 Building Production Data Pipelines by using Test Driven Development and Pair Programming We will build a production grade data pipeline live in-person in this talk by using Test Driven Development (TDD) and Pair Programming.
60 Vitaly Polonetsky Data Engineering ZipRecruiter Architect 09/19/2021 13:25 Spark challenges Investigating and rewriting Apache Spark jobs to avoid hitting spark limitations and improve data processing performance
61 Nuri Halperin Data Infrastructure & Security Plus N Consulting, Inc. Solution Architect 09/19/2021 09:30 Schema Modeling Patterns and Best Practices for MongoDB Document oriented databases such as MongoDB and Cosmos DB let you store data in any shape and structure you want. The freedom from rigid schema may come at a cost though: performance, query flexibility, and resource costs may be negatively affected you un
62 Davor Bonaci, Ryan Michael Data Infrastructure & Security Kaskada/ Kaskada Co-Founder & CEO/ Engineering Leader 09/19/2021 10:15 Overcoming data infrastructure limitations with a new paradigm for machine learning Operating machine learning products requires trading off between the priorities of a data scientists' training environment with those of data engineers' production environment. In this session, come learn how to bridge the batch/streaming gap through a se
63 Ben Brook Data Infrastructure & Security Co-Founder & CEO 09/19/2021 12:40 Engineering a Consent Sandbox to Eliminate Annoying Pop-Ups and Dark Patterns At a time when UX engineers are focused on providing a clean user experience, the web is suddenly cluttered once again with distracting, annoying pop-ups. This presentation will explain the path our engineering team took to find a way to eliminate pop ups
64 Don Malloy Data Infrastructure & Security DualAuth Director Business Development 09/19/2021 13:25 Is a Ransomware Attack in your Future? How to Prevent an Attack We live in a world of constant attacks on our PCs, Mobile devices, and Networks. In 2020 alone there were more than 300 million Ransom attacks. The hackers are targeting major aspects of our economy: Energy, Production, Healthcare and Communication. They
65 Braddock Gaskill Emerging Tech Ascender AI LLC CEO 09/19/2021 09:30 Using AI to redefine the User Experience We infuse a novel user interface with the use of AI at every level. Data exploration is enabled with an orchestra of AI technologies, including ASR, MT, NLU, NER, sentiment analysis, and topic identification.
66 Mark Jackson Emerging Tech Cambridge Quantum Computing Quantum Evangelist 09/19/2021 10:15 Quantum Computing: The next new technology in computing Quantum computing is rapidly gaining in capability. It promises to solve problems which would be impossible for a classical computer, including several machine learning applications. In this presentation I will summarize what quantum computing is and why
67 Vishrut Chokshi, Neil Parekh Emerging Tech Accenture, Accenture Senior Manager, Data Science Enablement & Delivery Lead, Managing Director in Strategy group 09/19/2021 12:40 A Step Towards Normalcy Beyond COVID-19 Moratorium Lift Entering the new normal for billing, payment and collections post COVID-19 moratorium. People lost their jobs and could pay their bills and moratoriums put a pause on utilities being shutoff. Who do we turn on? How do we turn on the spigot without floodin
68 Jerry Power Emerging Tech I3 Systems CEO 09/19/2021 13:25 A Layered Approach to Data Management Talk will focus on the importance of managing data streams as layers. Will use City of LA as basis for examples
69 Gasia Atashian AI/ ML/ Data Science DISQO Data Scientist 09/17/2021 11:00 Sponsored - Building a Robust Fraud Detection System Ensuring online panel integrity is a time-consuming and manual process, yet critically important.
70 Robert Hedgpeth BI/ Reporting/ Business Use Cases MariaDB Director, Developer Relations 09/18/2021 11:00 Sponsored - Columnar Storage + Python: Powering Modern Data Science and Analytics In this session we’ll examine how distributed, columnar databases are power real-time analytics and modern data science.
71 Or Lenchner Data 4 Good Bright Data CEO 09/17/2021 12:40 The Unsung Hero Public Web Data - Real-Life Examples: Web-Based Data has Become a Pivotal Tool in Fighting the Good Cause Data, particularly public web-based data, drives forward an openly competitive market. What if I told you that web data also plays a major role in fighting crime, combating social injustice and even saving lives?
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