Big Data Panel – Yves Bergquist

Program Director, AI & Neuroscience in Media at Entertainment Technology Center, USC

Yves Bergquist is an AI researcher and the Director of the “AI & Neuroscience in Media” Project at the Entertainment Technology Center. At ETC, which is funded by all 5 Hollywood studios (as well as technology companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Nagra-Kudelski, Technicolor, and Nielsen), his team is researching and developing next-generation applications drawn from AI and neuroscience for the media and entertainment industry. Yves is also the founder and CEO of AI startup Corto, which is building a comprehensive knowledge engine to help media and entertainment companies develop deep insights into the narratives and mental models behind their content, and how various cognitive relationships with audiences drive performance. Corto leverages deep neuroscience and AI research to surface what attributes of media content (film, TV, advertising and music) resonate with what audiences segments, and how this cognitive alignment is driving content performance. Corto is currently in Private Alpha testing with Hollywood studios, music publishers, and ad agencies, where it is driving content strategy for a few large retail, technology and media brands. It will launch in Private Beta in Q3 2019.