Raman Randhawa

Professor of Data Sciences and Operations at USC Marshall School of Business

Ramandeep S. Randhawa is an operations research scholar whose research interests include designing service systems, revenue management, stochastic modeling, and mechanism and incentive design. His work has been published in journals that include Management ScienceManufacturing and Service Operations Management, and Operations Research. He currently serves as an Area Editor for the Stochastic Models area in Operations Research.

Reza Rasool

Since joining Real in 2016, he has helped guide the technology investments that are pivoting RealNetworks from its historical streaming media roots to becoming a leader in AI. The SAFR® computer-vision program focuses on biometric access control and authentication products. The Kontxt® platform delivers mission critical NLP for messaging service operators. His pioneering innovations range from digital movie editing systems that earned Technical Oscar and Emmy awards, the world first VoD server, to cochlear implants and bionic eyes. Digital rights management, game development, CODECs, ethical AI, face recognition, and generative AI are part of Reza’s skill set. His start-up career includes two exits to Google. Reza gained a B.Sc. in Physics from King’s College, has 67 world patents, numerous papers published and remains a significant code contributor.

Yves Bergquist

Program Director; AI & Blockchain in Media – ETC at USC

Yves is an AI researcher and the director of the “AI & Blockchain in Media” Project at USC’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC). A research center at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, ETC brings together all the Hollywood studios as well as large tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. At the Center, Yves and his team use frontier AI methods to help media companies develop deep insights into their content, their audiences, and the cognitive relationship between the two. Yves is also the co-chair of SMPTE’s Joint Task Force on Artificial Intelligence Standards in Media, where he helps drive the standardization of AI methods throughout the media industry. In addition, Yves is the co-founder and CEO of Corto, an AI startup developing AI tools to make stories and audiences computable through the DNA analysis of narratives. Corto is in Private Beta with a dozen studios, advertising agencies, and global consumer brands, and is already used to develop film, TV, and branded content. He is a member of the Digital Storytelling Lab at Columbia University’s School of the Arts.