BODi's Data Modernization Journey

Data Engineering Intermediate
 at  THH 301

We will be talking about our data modernization journey at BODi and how we migrated multiple siloed data warehouses to a consolidated cloud data warehouse. We will also talk about how this has helped us provide insights to our leadership team to make critical decisions quickly and accurately.

In this session, we will talk about BODi's data modernization journey and how we implemented cloud data warehouses in Snowflake. This effort was to standardize and integrate siloed data systems including data warehouse, data pond and data lake. This migration involved hundreds of tables, data pipelines, Reports, Dashboards/dependent jobs and multiple applications.

This is an interesting journey that took 18+ months from ideation to completion. We share our experience starting with socializing this idea in the company and getting leadership buy-in, platform selection, project planning, and the whole SDLC process to the final cutover.

We will show the “before” and “after” architecture and talk about the wins and the lows; what went well and what we could have done better.