Change the World with Data!

Business Analytics Beginner

Are you a pioneer? Does helping make real world impact matter to you? Join us to see how creative data usage helps change lives for the better in our communities, attracting resources and people to help make the world a better place to live for everyone. Data helps make dreams come true!

  • Creative use of data helps drive real world analytics, problem solving and impacts everyone
  • GIGO…tracking, tracking, tracking
  • What matters most? High profits? High mission?
  • The Change Continuum -- Power Never Concedes without A Demand
  • Make Impact -- Change the World

This workshop will emphasize how community developers use data to talk about people, property, community needs and impact. It will engage the audience around our need to focus on our passions, storytelling and using data to creatively impact big business, and the people we love. What is the impact of data innovation to impact economic outcomes? How do all of our individual changes make big change in the world for a brighter future? How do we track that change using data to our advantage for a sustainable future?