Kubernetes + Data + Security: Tips for Sleeping Well with State-of-the-Art Data Management

Data Infrastructure Intermediate
 at  THH 301

Kubernetes is the default platform to operator data services. But how to protect your data? Our talk shows that threats to data on Kubernetes arise at different levels and introduces common sense ways to address each threat that any dev can apply using modern development toolchains. Attend our talk and sleep well at night!

Kubernetes has blossomed into a popular vessel for running databases. But is your data really safe from pirates? This talk introduces security for data on Kubernetes, focusing on basic techniques that any developer can apply using open source tooling and infrastructure-as-code practices. The talk starts with basic ways to harden the environment like container scanning, the use of secrets, and encryption. Next, we will show how to lean on operators to protect databases running on Kubernetes. Finally, we’ll consider ways to protect Kubernetes itself. Attend the talk to find out how. You'll sleep better for sure!