Ranking Women's Power and Influence in the Workplace

ML & Data Science Beginner

Leveraging data analytics to rank companies on how equitable of a workplace they are for women.

Achieving equality for women in the American workplace is still 150 years away and unlikely to be fixed at the pace we are going. 
Existing solutions and why they failed.
Pre-existing solutions have not measured the state of inequality for women in the workplace. They tend to implement band-aid solutions, like DEI and ERG initiatives, which do not uncover the depth and nature of the problem.

Our solution.
The Women's Power and Influence Index, built by a team of majority female students, staff and faculty experts at Arizona State University solve this problem by quantifying the power of women at the workplace based on objective and verifiable, publicly available datasets.

Why our solution is effective.
Unlike other solutions, our Index is built mostly by women. Moreover, the Index is a project of ASU, a non-partisan institution of education committed to solving problems in the public's interest. Lastly, the Index weighs criteria based on what women tell us is important to them, not the unverifiable opinions of employees, agents or third parties.