Alex Alwan

Product management and strategy leader with hands-on experience in web, mobile, and OTT product development, data analysis, data science, and growth. Over 12 years’ experience in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the Middle East. My role in the industry involves comprehending customers needs and behaviors and creating and maintaining high-value products. Alex’s skills and tools for product management include managing the ideation phase, planning the technical development, user funnel optimization, data analytics, UX design, managing data science projects, setting product strategies, and A/B testing. Former trainer and consultant for multiple software and e-commerce companies in MENA and Silicon Valley. Mentor at Oasis500 and Techwadi accelerators. Started my career as a live radio show host, and worked for leading online companies in Dubai, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, San Francisco and Los Angeles such as Jeeran, Airbrake, Rackspace, Instana, Rollbar, Spark Networks, and FOX Networks Group. Currently, Alex leads the Product Strategy Team at Fox, manages a team of data analysts, advices the leadership in critical projects, and creates data-informed product roadmaps.