Arif Ansari

Arif Ansari is Professor at Marshall School of Business in University of Southern California, Los Angeles and the founder of Intuition Intelligence Inc. He is an expert in Big Data Business Analytics, Digital Marketing and Intelligent Systems. He holds multiple US and international patents Learning Systems. He has given many keynote speech on Business Analytics. He is an Advanced Predictive Analytics visionary and thought leader; he has developed a framework for Creative Analytics and has built advanced analytics engines for challenging problems. He has created real-time Viral Prediction Engine and Super Relevance Engine and custom-built Advanced Analytical Engines for the Retail, Finance and Media sectors. His guest editorial with Gerard Tellis and Yusuf Ansari (Intuition Intelligence) on Super Bowl 2022 Ad Virality Prediction and Insights is published in the World Advertising Research Center (WARC). His recent work with Wavemarker and Netflix won the ICOM Data Creativity Top Award in June 2022.