Cupid Chan

Cupid Chan is a seasoned professional who is well-established in the industry and is a Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor in University of Maryland. His journey started out as one of the key players in building a world-class BI platform.
Cupid has been a consultant for years providing solutions to various Fortune 500 companies as well as the Public Sector. He was the Board of Directors and Technical Steering Committee in Linux Foundation ODPi. His current role as Chairperson of BI & AI Committee in LF AI & Data enables him to lead initiatives intersecting AI and BI.
He was the Architecture and Logical Data Model Group Chairperson accountable for managing engineering disciplines, providing overall technical direction and supporting for all products in Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO), which is a not-for-profit responsible for developing standards for exchanging information and conducting business for the U.S. mortgage finance industry.