Debu Sinha

Debu is a Senior Solutions Architect at Databricks focused on implementing/optimizing machine learning and deep learning capable pipelines at scale. Previously he has co-founded a real-time identity graph management and analytics company called Throtle onboarding. Before that, he founded a nonprofit org in India that aimed at increasing education access to remote parts of India using virtual classrooms. In his current role, he interacts and aligns strategically with the technical and business leadership of Databricks Enterprise customers. He is leveraging his strong technical background, love for public speaking, and effective communication with customers to understand their business and technical strategy and challenges. He regularly engages in architectural design and whiteboarding sessions with customers as they see him as a trusted advisor. As a Senior Solutions Architect at Lifion by ADP, Senior Engineer at V12 group, and Bank of America, he has spearheaded multiple projects involving streaming and machine learning capable pipeline creation and optimization. his passion for cloud computing, machine learning, and distributed systems began while working on his Master’s research thesis on Machine Translation at Johns Hopkins University.