Dr. Sikder M Zakir

Dr. Zakir is the founder of Histofi, Inc., a Delaware corporation with headquarter in Los Angeles. Histofi captures and processes data and distributes insights to cancer care providers and researchers in real-time. It also links pathologists and oncologists from developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America to their counterparts in the USA. Dr. Zakir started his medical career in 1995 with telemedicine, progressively pioneered digital health evolutionary phases with digital health, mobile health, and now, artificial intelligence in medicine. In 2001, he established the international telemedicine and telepathology systems between Bangladesh and Nebraska Medicine. He designed and launched the world’s first mobile health application, HealthLine, by licensed physicians and managed services for 12 million users; the HealthLine program received the GSM Association’s Global Mobile Award in 2007. He played a pivotal role in securing a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation and established a “Masters of Science degree program in Health Informatics” in Asia (2010), and served as a faculty member. Dr. Zakir successfully piloted a health micro-insurance scheme for industrial workers in developing countries through a generous grant from the Government of Switzerland.