Frank Bell

Frank has been the Snowflake Data Superhero for 3 years. He is also a SnowPro, Top Snowflake SME at Accenture (part time). He is a Data Thought Leader focused on data driven business, data sharing, and migrating data systems to the cloud. He is the Founder and CEO of a highly profitable technology/data consulting business for 19 years which was sold in 2019. Our consulting business delivered over a billion dollars of market cap growth to our clients. Frank’s focus in most recent years has been on building inventions and teams which enable the intersection of automation, AI, and data to enable automated data driven business business. Frank’s teams have built both the Saas Powered By Snowflake Solution – Snoptimizer which optimizes cost, security, and performance on Snowflake as well as the educational and snowflake data system community at ITS Snowflake. He has Built Snowflake Users Group in LA. Also, Frank was the main author of the popular Snowflake Essentials book.