Jeff Rosenberg

SVP, Data Science and Analytics at Tillster

Jeff Rosenberg is the Head of Data Science and Analytics for Tillster, a startup bringing online ordering and delivery services to global restaurant brands. A large focus of his role is to deliver experience-enhancing data products to diners and the restaurants themselves. He was previously Director of software development for reporting, analytics, and data science at Hulu, responsible for data product management, business intelligence development, data and product analytics, data platform and quality management, and data science. Jeff’s background is in product and program management and software development, drawing from academic training in science and statistical analysis. He has worked on product, platform and device development with companies including Warner Bros, DirecTV, and Sony that drive millions and billions of experiences and data points. Jeff Rosenberg has been a Data 4 Good Advisor since the beginning of 2020, and is passionate about improving public accessibility to critical datasets and building data products that promote social welfare.