Ramsay Brown

Ramsay Brown is a technology executive, computational neuroscientist, futurist, and sailor. He fuses deep technical and scientific expertise with design thinking and business acumen. He’s obsessed with accelerating innovation and human flourishing at the intersection of technology and sustainable development. He’s had the privilege to work at the edges of theoretical nanochemistry, brain mapping, artificial intelligence, behavioral engineering, and digital therapeutics. His work there has accelerated ocean desalination, reverse-engineering the brain, reprogramming human behavior at-scale, and transforming virtual reality technology into FDA-approved medicine to combat the opioid crisis. Now, as founder and CEO of The AI Responsibility Lab, he leads a world-class team accelerating AI Safety. AI is the most impactful invention in the history of mankind. The advent of synthetic intelligence (which is upon us) represents both our greatest opportunity, and our greatest threat. Ramsay and his team build enterprise solutions for automating AI Governance. Their flagship platform, Mission Control, moves AI faster while breaking fewer things. It’s part of his dedication to maximizing the revolutionary gains that AI is bringing the world – while minimizing the harms, risks, and negative consequences of this transformational technology.