Tatiana Tikhonova

Tatiana is a creative data professional with years of industry experience in Data Science, Financial Analytics, and Business Intelligence, living and working from New York City for the past 10+ years. Tatiana is part of an innovative data science team at Medallia, tuning robust pipelines and building sophisticated technology in order to support the Sense360 platform that transforms the world of market research analytics and empowers businesses with competitive intelligence, behavioral benchmarking, and 360-degree analytical insights. Tatiana’s expertise in data is complemented by her background in finance, Master’s in linguistics, and many certificates in various areas of IT. In her spare time, Tatiana contributes to the Data Science community by mentoring women in tech and wrangling data pro bono with equal enthusiasm. Driven by the passion to learn and contribute, she continues to pursue the never ending path to growth, developing her skills and sharing her knowledge.