Faraz Rahman

Faraz Rahman

AI Product Manager and Data Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University

Faraz is a seasoned analytics professional with over ten years of experience in applying analytical, data science, and programming knowledge in core engineering fields such as Manufacturing, Defense, Renewable Energy, Education, Precision Agriculture, and Remote Sensing Technology. Faraz is skilled at identifying business pain points and providing analytics solutions to customers and is passionate about applying data science for social good. Faraz has worked as a data scientist at early-stage startups and developed core Machine Learning-based products.


    Business Analytics Intermediate

    As organizations strive to harness the power of AI and machine learning technologies, product managers face unique challenges and considerations when managing AI and ML products. This presentation seeks to illuminate the unique aspects of AI and ML product management by examining the critical factors that set it apart from conventional product management practices.

     at  THH 102