Margaret Jennings

Margaret Jennings

Co-founder at

Margaret Jennings is the co-founder of Kindo. She leads product and AI, enabling the secure deployment of GenAI at the workplace. She formerly worked at OpenAI and Google. She was the VP of Product at Halodoc, the largest telemedicine platform of Southeast Asia. Her PhD in Human-Centered AI at University College of London is currently on hold.


    Panel Beginner

    A discussion on investment, innovation, and trends as we accelerate into the uncharted territory being created by advances in generative AI technologies, products, & organizations. Moderated by Randall Chalawsky with investment professionals from top LA VC firms including Struck Capital and Hawke Ventures. Learn how investment decisions are made and how investment professionals evaluate hype from opportunity. Hear why this decade will be transformational, and understand how advances in computing and foundational models are unlocking innovations that weren’t imaginable five years ago.