Peter Sun

Peter Sun

Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon Advertising

Peter is a multifaceted professional with a passion for data-driven insights. He holds a bachelor's degree in Statistics from UCLA and a master's degree in Business Analytics from USC, enhancing his understanding of the strategic application of data in business settings.
Currently, he works as a Business Intelligence Engineer (BIE) at Amazon Advertising. In this role, he leverages his comprehensive knowledge of statistics and analytics to extract valuable insights, driving impactful decision-making and optimizing advertising strategies. With an exceptional ability to navigate complex datasets and a keen eye for patterns and trends, he consistently delivers data-backed BI solutions.


    Business Analytics Intermediate

    Most people think that BI work is using SQL/python to pull the data, or a "data puller". Therefore, people think that everyone can work in BI field if he/she knows how to use SQL. In fact, BI field is much more than just using SQL to pull the data, and this process only takes about 10% of BIE work. I want to share my understanding and observation about being a BIE as amazon with audience.

     at  THH 102