Puneet Lakhanpal

Puneet Lakhanpal

Field CTO, Data Science at Snowflake

Puneet is a Data Science Field CTO at Snowflake, where he provides customers and prospects expert guidance on Snowflake’s latest AI/ML capabilities and their optimal integration within their architecture. In this role he has led a number of Spark to Snowpark proof of concepts, resulting in customers achieving unparalleled cost/performance value for their workloads. Puneet also collaborates with the Snowflake product team to prioritize and shape future capabilities.
Before joining Snowflake, Puneet was the Regional Principal at Insight, a global system integrator, where he spearheaded datacenter-to-cloud transformation projects. Prior to Insight, he served as Senior Cloud Architect at Trace3, delivering Snowflake professional services. Other career highlights include his tenure as Vice President of Compliance Analytics at Citigroup Inc, and his role as IT and Risk Assurance Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC).


    ML & Data Science Intermediate

    Present how Snowflake accelerates AI/ML innovation through: 1. Central and governed access to data. 2. Reliably process features, ML models and applications using elastic compute engine. 3. Bring Generative AI/LLM capabilities within Snowflake's secure and governed boundary.

     at  THH 201