Reza Rassool

Reza Rassool

Fellow at Real Networks

Since joining Real in 2016, he has helped guide the technology investments that are pivoting RealNetworks from its historical streaming media roots to becoming a leader in AI. The SAFR® computer-vision program focuses on biometric access control and authentication products. The Kontxt® platform delivers mission critical NLP for messaging service operators. His pioneering innovations range from digital movie editing systems that earned Technical Oscar and Emmy awards, the world first VoD server, to cochlear implants and bionic eyes. Digital rights management, game development, CODECs, ethical AI, face recognition, and generative AI are part of Reza’s skill set. His start-up career includes two exits to Google. Reza gained a B.Sc. in Physics from King's College, has 67 world patents, numerous papers published and remains a significant code contributor.



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