Roozbeh Davari

Roozbeh Davari

Director of AI at Aisera

Roozbeh Davari is a highly experienced data scientist and technology leader with a diverse background in research, development, software engineering, and product management. He has a track record of developing and deploying innovative solutions that leverage AI and data science to solve complex business problems. He holds a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the University of California, Riverside and Carnegie Observatories. Currently, he serves as the Director of Data Science at Aisera, a software company that provides an AI-driven service management platform. Prior to joining Aisera, he worked as a Data Scientist at The Honest Company and Happy Money, where he built predictive models and data analytics solutions for various business applications.


    Artificial Intelligence Intermediate

    Leveraging Natural Language Processing to Automate and Optimize IT Operations