Sanghamitra Goswami

Sanghamitra Goswami

Senior Director at PagerDuty

Sanghamitra Goswami is a dynamic leader with a proven track record of machine learning and data science product launches, increasing company ROI. Her background and experience include working as an astrophysicist, consultant to C-level executives, leading unicorn startups’ product growth, and driving automated and scalable data strategies. She is currently the Senior Director in Machine Learning and AI at PagerDuty and is an advisor to a sales enablement (chat GPT for sales) startup called Autobound


    Artificial Intelligence Intermediate

    In the wake of the chatGPT, the world is joining hands to experience this recent AI innovation. At this time, everyone from data science teams to company executives is trying to release AI/LLM-driven features. This talk is a way to “open source” some of the learnings and real-world examples in this area and share the knowledge with industry professionals looking to experience AI in their respective roles.