Xavier Kochhar

Xavier Kochhar

Founder of The Video Genome Project (acq. by hulu) & Former Chief Strategy Officer at WarnerMedia, HBO Max

Xavier Kochhar is a media and technology executive, entrepreneur, investor, and direct-to-consumer subject matter expert. He is best known as the founder and CEO of The Video Genome Project, an AI video personalization engine company that built the largest, broadest, and most granular structured database of video content, by developing a method of finding and creating deep, relevant and granular information on video content (film, tv, online video), programmatically. These granular pieces of altogether new metadata, or “genes”, were then used to provide hyper-personalized recommendations and targeted content to consumers. Because of its accuracy and simplicity in the video discovery process, the company became known as “the Google of video”. The Video Genome Project was acquired by Hulu to create a more powerful way to surface the right content to the right user at the right time, in both live and on-demand environments. More recently a senior executive within AT&T, Inc. and WarnerMedia’s Direct-to-Consumer (HBO Max) as chief strategy and business development officer. He was previously the Managing Partner of Medialink, acq. by UTA, and has served in senior executive roles at The Walt Disney Company, the William Morris Agency (WME), and L.E.K. Consulting.


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